The NHL Atlantic Division Report Card

The 2017-18 NHL season is a quarter of the way through. While there are plenty of games to be played, we can now start to see which teams will be in the playoff hunt in a few months, and which teams may be already looking ahead to next season

Albert Pujols Should Hang ‘Em Up

Albert Pujols is probably the best pure hitter and one of the four best all-around players I’ve ever seen (I’ll get to the other three in a minute). He was either the best or second best player in the game for more than a decade and he led the Cardinals to three pennants and two World Series wins. He’s seventh all time with 614 home runs, he ranks ninth all time with 1,918 RBI, and his 99.4 career WAR is the twelfth-highest among position players since WWII.

Jake's College Football TV Guide: Championship Week

It's finally Championship Week! I really wanted to post a video of ESPN's commercial from the early 2000s advertising college basketball's championship week here. Do you remember that one? It's a little cartoon of Dickie V hopping around singing 'Championship Week, Championship Week, oh how I love Championship Week..." or something to that effect. If anyone can find that clip, email me at or slide into my DMs. I would really like to see it again. 

Jake's College Football TV Guide: Week 13

The Iron Bowl. The Apple Cup. The Game! Clean, Ol' Fashioned Hate! Whatever you call your game, it's here! Can you smell it in the air? No, not what the Rock is cooking! It's RIVALRY WEEK!!! The week of all weeks where you get to spend more time than normal on social media roasting your school's rival and continuing that if you win...or lose let's face it. I'll still be boom roasting even if my team loses. Whatever! That team in west Alabama sucks regardless. ANYWAYS, we made it! Who's excited??! 

About That Max Scherzer

If you’re reading this blog right now, you’re probably the sort of person who reads ESPN. Which means you probably noticed David Schoenfield’s article entitled ’It’s time to start talking about Max Scherzer as an all-time great.’ In the article, Schoenfield observes that Scherzer is now the 10th pitcher with three Cy Young awards. The other nine are Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, Steve Carlton, Clayton Kershaw, Pedro Martinez, Sandy Koufax, Tom Seaver, and Jim Palmer. That’s seven hall of famers, one future hall of famer, and a steroid-using seven-time Cy Young winner. It also includes a superstar underwear model. Does Scherzer belong in that class?

One Month In: What We Know About the Boston Bruins So Far

The NHL season is just about a quarter of the way complete, my boys in Black and Gold are doing... well, okay I suppose. The Bruins own an 8-7-4 record (20 points) and sit in fifth place in a top-heavy Atlantic division. Not an ideal start to the season, but when I consider the elephant in the room, I'll surely take it. The elephant here being, of course, the injuries. I hate to make injuries seem like an excuse for average play in any sport, but in this case it's pretty hard to make a claim to the contrary.

Shock Jocks: Where's the Line?

I hate Shock Jocks. I've never understood the appeal, and even when I see shows like Parks and Recreation make fun of them, I'm still annoyed by the caricatures. I've been pretty clear on this site how I feel about Toxic Masculinity so this really shouldn't surprise anyone. But I really am curious, in today's age and political climate, why is there still a market for these kinds of people? Does anyone really find puerile humor accompanied with bad sound effects encapsulated in an echo chamber of testosterone embodied by men who are far too old to be so adolescent? Don't answer that question. My blood is already boiling enough.