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Jo Knows: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Procrastinators

Jo Knows: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Procrastinators



Cubs Reversible Wool Jacket

It’s the chilly holiday season, you want to get him something special for his favorite team, and it’s tempting to get something that can actually be worn right away and not be tucked away until the spring training. That’s why I love the idea of a wearable club jacket. It’s weather appropriate and super warm, but it’s subtle and goes with everything in his closet. A great jacket for someone who isn’t as comfortable with the bold team colors. The Cubs took 100+ years to bring home a World Series win, it's okay if this jacket doesn't show up on time. 


Colorado Rockies New Era 2018 On-Field Prolight Batting Practice 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

I love this hat. It’s a new logo, it’s black, it’s unexpected, and it reminds me of a hat you could get at a high-end apparel shop. The colors are super rich, and not many people are sporting it yet! Baseball caps are tough because of the bright colors, and some people find it tough to wear one and not look like they are about to go to a game. This one is a great hat on and offseason.



SF Giants Women's Tee

Simple team tee. I actually prefer the tees to the jerseys sometimes. I can sleep in them, and layer them underneath other gear. Plus, they are a little more figure flattering. I usually get the tees for men, I go up a size and knot them, or hem the sleeves for a cute boxy look. But this tee version for women is wearable, flattering, and doesn’t have rhinestones and hearts on it.


Vineyard Vines Team Tote Bag

It's a tote bag. You can't go wrong with a tote bag. 


Modify Watches

I am really into these watches! I love the look of the Apple watch, and you get the same look here. Except these watches are way more affordable, they have what I call “private team spirit,” and they offer a cool pop of color. Every time you look down at your wrist you’re getting hyped. Or depressed. Depending. Team colors, state graphics, or field clues! I love them all.



LA Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are everywhere right now, and that’s because they are awesome. And they make great giftables. You can divvy them up between siblings, friends, or offer them as a collectible for the little ones. They can put these tiny pieces of team spirit on whatever they want, which is a fun way to express themselves and also non- permanent. So these guys can hop from garment to item all year long! Or just load them all on a denim jacket and show off your team spirit flare.



Start their collection early, teach them the beauty of an autograph, or it’s just a new ball to play with. A few things to look for when buying an autographed piece of memorabilia. Think of it as an investment, even if you're not going to sell it. There's nothing worse than finding out an amazing piece is a fake. How can you avoid buying a fake piece? Look for a hologram. Certificates of Authenticity are fine, but anyone can print you a piece of paper. A hologram or sticker placed on the item is a solid way to know that this piece is, in fact, legit, especially from MLB, PSA/DNA, Steiner or JSA. Always look for a known authenticator, because at the very least, it shows that the seller has put in the time and effort to determine the authenticity of the item. 

Retro Mets Jersey


My favorite jerseys are the replicas. They feel less played-out, less copied, they are way more flattering, and generally, don’t come in bright whites. Low risk, high reward: way more mustard and beer, no dry-cleaning bill.


Dodgers Sweatshirt

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t love a good ol’ college sweatshirt. Subtract the college name and add your favorite team and you’ve got this crewneck sweatshirt by Mitchell & Ness. This piece has quality, versatility, a hint of 90’s prep, and will not go out of style. Cheering on your team feels cozy and close to home.

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